Rebel Trader Token

Our use case is UNIQUE - Rebel Traders Group revenue and profits are used to buyback and burn Rebel Traders Token - constantly increasing the value of your investment! This is the PUREST form of hyper deflationary - using revenue, not just taxes, to burn the token! We will NOT stop the burn which means revenue will ALWAYS continue to boost the price and lower the supply !


Total supply :                         125.000.000
Circulating at Launch               100.000.000
Burn wallet at Launch               25.000.000
No 'Dev wallet allocation"
No "Native" marketing wallet


Team buys at SAME PRICE
Presale Price                 1 BnB - 100.000 Rebel
Launch Price                 1 BnB - 100.000 Rebel
Team wallets: 10BNB Max Presale
Presale Wallets: 2BNB Max Presale

Use the swapper to buy:

The swapper address for buying only:

Only send Smart Chain directly to the Swapper Address to receive Rebel Traders Token (RTT) in your wallet.

Do not send Smart Chain to the contract address. Do not send RTT to the swapper address. This will both result in permanent loss.

Community wallet: 0x0E7C2526cAa413F504A340F2ca8bEd7e45707F29

Buy and Burn Wallet: 0x00B80891297d33EA620B8E2272116C8A25661f48

Poocoin chart:


Dextools chart:

Coin Market Cap

Rebel Trader Token is listed on Coin Market Cap in less then 10 hours!